– 3.22.17 –

Ladies and Gentlemen, Garden State Radio is excited to introduce you all to our new female lead singer, Hannah Peterson. Her audition came about quite accidentally through a simple comment on Facebook. We had been trying out girls when suddenly her name came up. Since she lived in Connecticut, none of us thought it was even possible, but after a few phone conversations and her expressing her willingness to relocate, the audition then became a reality. And that given Sunday, Hannah just came in and blew us all away. From the very first note there was an immediate chemistry, and we all knew it. We we’re all grinning from ear to ear. From her singing, harmonizing and rapping skills, to being just a great down to earth person, we knew right there she was the one (and immediately canceled all the other auditions!) With all the money invested in our show, the hours spent programming, writing, and creating, the sold out schedule we have through October, and most importantly, the friendships made between us and our crew, we knew this couldn’t stop. Given the quality brand GSR worked so hard to build over the years, we also weren’t willing to settle for anything less than perfection. We all feel lucky and thankful to have Hannah join our team. Welcome to the GSR family Hannah.
Get ready for the next chapter of Garden State Radio. We have so many things coming your way in the coming months, and we’re just getting started !!!!!. Hannah’s 1st show is Friday, April, 28th at OCC Cafe in Newburgh, NY.
Ryan, Bobby, Michael, & Hannah


– 3.19.17 –

If you haven’t heard by now, please read :
After many dedicated years kicking ass onstage, female lead singer Kelly Caruso has decided to step down from touring with Garden State Radio. This last year has been taking a major toll on her voice, and it’s becoming harder to sing multiple nights. She has decided there would be no way to get through the demanding 2017 summer schedule and has been instructed by her doctor to give her vocal chords an immediate rest to prevent any further damage. 
From Kelly:
“After seven years of non-stop performing, I need to give my voice a rest or I will permanently damage it. A show like Garden State Radio’s demands nothing less than 100%, and I feel its best to step down from the band and take this needed break for myself and my voice. I can’t thank my friends, fans and family enough for all the love you’ve shown for so many years.”

Everyone in Garden State Radio and 107 Productions support and wish Kelly nothing but the best. Kelly has 9 shows left with GSR, her last show is April 22nd @ Cancun Cantina West, please make your plans now and check our website schedule for shows in your area.
So after GSR got the news from Kelly, the band had some decisions to make. There was never any question, as they say in the music business, “the show must go on”. We’ve come too far, and worked too hard to stop now. So with big shoes to fill, the band expanded their search to cover the entire northeastern seaboard. With many contenders, the great state of Connecticut has delivered the band’s new singer, who just relocated for the new position. On April 28th, the next chapter begins as we welcome Hannah into the band. A full introduction is coming later this week, but we wanted to let everyone know that ALL members of Garden State Radio (past, present and future) thank you for your constant support.  

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