Stage Plot

Have 16 Channel Mix Wizard for in-ear monitors and wireless mics, we use 16 channel sub snake to main board, but however you like to run it is fine, we’re easy

1. Kick Drum
2. Snare Drum
3. Rack Tom
4. Rack Tom 2
5. Floor Tom
6. Drum Pad
7. Tracks (Sequencer)
8. Bass Guitar (Bobby – stage left)
9. Electric Guitar (Michael – stage right, guitar in his mix 1 only)
10. open
11. open (backup up mic)
12. Hannah’s Vocal – Center Stage (monitor mix 2)
13. Bobby’s Vocal – Stage Left (monitor mix 3)
14. Bobby’s 2nd Vocal Mic (effect) – Stage Left (monitor mix 3)
15. Michael’s Vocal – Stage Right (monitor mix 1)
16. Click track (sequencer, only in ears, not house)

Click Here for Full Size Garden State Radio Stage Plot


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